Staging Kits & Stands

Midas Staging- Strong freestanding staging designed to fit our Stanford & Dorset greenhouse ranges. Can be used as stand alone units or bolted together as a kit.

Stately Staging/Shelving- Sturdy cantilever staging (650mm deep) and shelving (325mm deep) designed especially for our Stately Series greenhouses.

Windsor Staging/Shelving- Sturdy cantilever staging (650mm deep) and shelving (325mm deep) designed especially for our Windsor Series greenhouses.

  • Grow Fresh Greenhouses -  Individual Stands

    Individual Stands

  • Grow Fresh Greenhouses -  Potting Benches

    Potting Benches

    Midas Series® Potting Benches- These have been designed at the perfect working height. Constructed from high quality aluminium, they are fully braced and have a plate aluminium top with a handy shelf underneath.
    Ideal for the greenhouse, garden shed or garden, these potting benches are a must have item for every serious gardener.

  • Grow Fresh Greenhouses -  Seed Tray Frames

    Seed Tray Frames

    'Seed Master' Seed Tray Frames- These are made from high quality aluminium. They are lightweight, maintenance free, space saving and easily movable. Supplied complete with seed trays and available in two and three tiers and in three sizes, 6 tray, 9 tray and 12 tray. Our seed tray frames make an ideal tool for over-wintering tender garden plants, germination and growing-on of seedlings prior to planting out.

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