“Life begins the day you start a garden.”

— Chinese Proverb

Welcome to another spring!

What a fantastic time to be alive, feeling the warmth of the coming months on your face while you are walking out to your greenhouse, getting ready to plant the next round of herbs, veggies, and flowers.

So if you are preparing to transform your greenhouse or glasshouse into a riot of colour – lush greens of spring vegetables, red tomatoes bursting with flavour, vibrant clumps of flowers, and scents from your herbs that will knock your socks off – then read on.

We have some tips for you – how to get it ready for a cracker spring harvest, and what to plant, depending on your local climate.

Getting prepped!

Ready, set … fertilise!

Winter slows everything down – so now is the time to wake everything in your garden UP! If you fertilise now, you’ll be adding extra oomph into all your plants – encouraging new growth, stronger flowers and fruit, better pest and disease resistance, and overall, healthier gardens!

Make sure you water the garden beds well, getting them ready for the next step…

(If you are incorporating Self-Watering pots into your garden, check ours out here)

Mulch much?

Don’t let the new spring sun evaporate moisture in your soil – mulch it! There’s more to mulching than that though – mulching will protect the soil against the heat (if this is a problem for your garden, check out the Shade Systems on our website), it will suppress those annoying weeds, and if you use an organic mulch, it will assist with providing even more nutrients.

Plus, let’s face it – it looks so rustic and organic!


If you’re in colder Australian climes, then wait a month or so and plant in October – this will let the soil warm up a bit.

When the garden is nice and warm, and ready to grow, then look at planting veggies and herbs.

Rack off, pests!

Aphids get active around this time of the year – they are waiting with baited breath to start nibbling on fresh, new tasty shoots. 

Try to avoid the pesticides – natural predators should keep them at bay, whereas the poisons will kill the good and the bad.

Prune away!

Over the winter months, some parts of the garden may not have coped all that well – and there is nothing like a good pruning to help them along! Promote new growth, by getting rid of the deadwood – your garden will thank you for it!


Getting planting!

Where you live, of course, will have a direct impact on what you should plant.

In warmer areas, look at fruit including:

-        Passionfuit

-        Paw paw

-        Citrus

Try these veggies:

-        Rocket

-        Silverbeet

-        Spring onions

-        Lettuce

-        Zucchini

-        Pumpkin

-        Leeks

-        Capsicum

-        Cucumbers

-        Eggplant

-        Tomatoes

And pop these herbs in:

-        Parsley

-        Basil

-        Dill

-        Mint

-        Marjoram

-        Coriander

-        Catnip

-        Thyme



Living in a cooler spot?

Try these out:

-        Strawberries

-        Leeks

-        Onions

-        Parsnip

-        Radishes

-        Spinach

-        Sweet corn

-        Beetroot

-        Tomatoes

-        Peas

-        Silverbeet

-        Lettuce

-        Swedes

-        Turnips

-        Cucumber

Wondering which herbs to try? Give these ones a shot:

-        Basil

-        Chives

-        Coriander

-        Dill

-        Mint

-        Oregano

-        Parsley

-        Sage

-        Thyme


Have you ever experienced gardening in a greenhouse or glasshouse? It will change the way you garden.

If you are wanting to enjoy nutritious fresh fruit and veggies from your back garden, with a quality greenhouse or glasshouse from the most trusted supplier in Australia, then just contact us!