“Gardening adds years to your life, and life to your years.”— Unknown

There’s just something special about greenhouses and glasshouses.

Having that little structure in the back yard, or on the hillside, or down beside the house – your greenhouse can easily become a sanctuary of sort. We talk about it all the time – how gardening in your greenhouse improves so many areas of life.

But there is more to it.

There’s also the benefits it brings to growing plants, seedlings, veggies, flowers – that little piece of nature you’re creating at your own home.

Benefit Number 1

You get a longer season.

The ability to better control the temperature within your greenhouse or glasshouse means that your season for growing is longer. The heat from the sun is trapped within the structure, so your plants that require more warmth get more time to flower and produce.

No matter the weather, you can always garden!

We live in a climate-challenged country. Drought, deluge, wind, storms – Australia is a country of extremes. But your little (or big) greenhouse forms a sanctuary for not only you, but your plants as well. Wake up and it’s pouring? Head to your garden. Wake up and it’s 40 degrees? Head to your garden.

Variety is the spice of life!

Nothing is off limits in a greenhouse! You can plant all sorts of exotic, colourful flowers, warmer season veggies and fruit, anything you can think off. Feel free to experiment with a huge range of plants!

No pests, no predators.

There is literally nothing worse for a gardener than walking out to the garden, and seeing all the fruit or vegetables decimated by pests and predators, when just the day before they were looking healthy and promising. It’s heartbreaking! Greenhouses and glasshouses mean none of that heartbreak. Protect all your hard work! And there is nothing getting through our greenhouses or glasshouses, just saying!

You can control the environment.

In your greenhouse or glasshouse, you control the environment – it’s your call. Because it will be different for different types of plants – from herbs, to veggies, to seedlings to flowers – once you decide on the greenhouse or glasshouse direction, create the perfect environment accordingly, and your produce will be healthier, with higher levels of production. We also have partitions for many of our greenhouses models, allowing you to create different growing zones within the greenhouse.

Your plants will say thank you.

How devastating is it when your garden plants are ravaged by the effects of bad weather, like heatwaves, high winds, dust storms, hail etc. You have worked on creating this little piece of heaven, and in an instant, it can be destroyed. Not so when you have a greenhouse or glasshouse. No matter what is going on outside, your precious little plants can be protected and happy inside your greenhouse. And if you live in high wind areas, just look at getting one of our Windsors – they are MADE for that environment.

You’re looking after our precious planet.

Greenhouses and glasshouses benefit our beautiful planet – and we all want more plants to help create a better atmosphere for the generations to come. This is you doing your bit!

Avoid poisons – simple!

Any produce that you generate within your greenhouse or glasshouse won’t need pesticides or toxins – so when you and your family enjoy the healthy taste of your homegrown fruit and veggies, they won’t be ingesting any poisons. Pretty simple!

Keep your friends close…

Did you know that SOME insects are beneficial to plants? They actually protect plants from the bad insects – so a greenhouse can actually keep the GOOD insects safe inside, guarding your flowers, herbs and veggies from nuisance insects.

Save Energy, Save the Planet

Using a greenhouse means that you can conserve water, and control the usage – all helping to save our beautiful planet!

So now you can that having a greenhouse or a glasshouse in your own backyard is about more than just growing some plants close to home. There is a lot more to it.

Got any questions? Just contact us, we will answer any queries you might have.