Colour Options

We offer our greenhouses, glasshouses, polycarbonate and accessories in a range of different colours. Below is a list of different colour options available for each range.

Dorset Classic Series Greenhouses- Silver & Dark Green
Dorset Grande Series Greenhouses- Silver & Dark Green

Stately Classic Series Greenhouses/Glasshouses- Dark Green & Black
Stately Deluxe Series Greenhouses/Glasshouses- Dark Green & Black

Windsor Junior Series Greenhouses/Glasshouses- Silver, Dark Green & Black
Windsor Royale Series Greenhouses/Glasshouses- Dark Green & Black

Mini-Grow Junior Greenhouses- Silver & Green
Mini-Grow Grande Greenhouses- Silver & Green 
Mini-Grow Lean-To Greenhouses- Silver & Green 

Midas Staging- Silver & Dark Green
Stately Staging- Dark Green & Black
Windsor Staging- Dark Green & Black  

Shade Systems- Framing colour options to suit all greenhouses

Aluminum Bases- Colour options to suit all greenhouses

Aluminum Cresting- Colour options to suit all greenhouses

Louvres- Colour options to suit all greenhouses

Midas Raised Garden Beds- Titanium White

Midas Potting Benches- Silver, Dark Green & Black

Seed Tray Frames- Silver & Dark Green

GrowSmart Self Watering Pots- Cream & Dark Grey

Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 4mm- CLEAR
Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 6mm- CLEAR, OPAL, SMOKE GREY, BRONZE
Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 10mm- CLEAR, OPAL, SMOKE GREY, BRONZE

Occasionally we are out of stock in an item in one colour but can offer the alternate option. Please note the following statuses of availabilty and their meaning-

IN STOCK- This item is ready for shipment immediately. If one colour is unavailable, it will be noted when you select the colour option.
ON ORDER- This means all/some colour options are sold out and more stock is on its way. We usually have an approximate arrival time noted on product page. These items can still be added to the cart and purchased. From here they are placed on backorder and dispatched straight out to you when back in stock.
OUT OF STOCK- If you see this status on the product page, you will not be able to add this item to your cart. It may be that there is a delay with the item and we do not have an accurate arrival date. In this case you can always contact us to enquire on availability.

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