Deluxe Glasshouses


Aesthetically pleasing and engineered to last a lifetime, this English styled and ultra heavy duty glasshouse will add class and charm to any residence. It has all the features that help create the perfect glasshouse environment and a special design to withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly the wind. This range has more aluminium in the frame than standard glasshouses and has extra cantillever braces in the roof for strength. With the Stately™ glasshouses, you have the option of glazing with 4mm toughened glass or 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate (see greenhouses category). We offer the Stately in two variations, each range with several models/sizes available. We have the 3.4m wide Stately Deluxe and the 2.8m wide Stately Classic. These ultimate glasshouse kits come standard with auto vent openers, downpipes, lockable doors, and hanging basket rails. Invest in your future for today and years to come, start growing in a Stately Series™ glasshouse.

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