Grow-Fresh Greenhouses® is the trusted name for greenhouses and glasshouses in Australia, coming to you with a wealth of experience. We are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, exceptional customer service and the best quality greenhouses, glasshouses and accessories money can buy.

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    Hobby Greenhouses


    We have designed our Dorset Series™ greenhouses with the usual Grow-Fresh® quality standards in mind. Our Dorset™ greenhouses are a high quality and extremely affordable greenhouse, ideally suited for residential gardeners and those hobbyists looking to make a start in the world of greenhouse growing. Dorset™ greenhouses have aluminium profiles with generous channel depths up to 15mm, making them by far the most robust greenhouse range on the market utilising the slotted/u-channel slide and lock system. With a Dorset™ greenhouse, every Australian family can start to enjoy the benifits of growing fresh at home, right in their own backyard.

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    Deluxe Greenhouses


    Aesthetically pleasing and engineered to last a lifetime, this English styled and ultra heavy duty greenhouse will add class and charm to any residence. It has all the features that help create the perfect greenhouse environment and a special design to withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly the wind. This range has more aluminium in the frame than standard greenhouses and has extra cantillever braces in the roof for strength. With the Stately™ greenhouses, you have the option of glazing with 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate or 4mm toughened glass (see glasshouses category). Available in two generous width options, these ultimate greenhouse kits come standard with all auto vent openers, downpipes, lockable doors, and hanging basket rails. Invest in your future for today and years to come, start growing in a Stately Series™ greenhouse.

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    Supreme Greenhouses


    Windsor greenhouses offer a perfect combination of elegance, strength, safety and features not found in other greenhouses, along with an ideal environment for gardeners to grow all year round. These greenhouses are available in 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate OR 4mm toughened glass. Boasting a seriously heavy 1.8-3.0mm box-section frame, this greenhouse will stand up to anything you throw at it.

    The launch of the Windsor range promises to breathe fresh air into a marketplace that hasn't yet seen a real quality 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse. Suddenly here is a greenhouse designed to be different – emphasising strength and quality, employing new glazing techniques, incorporating new standards of ventilation and with a host of innovative features – and at low, wholesale direct prices. This approach has resulted in the following model choices-

    'Windsor Royale' Range 3.7m wide OR 'Windsor Junior' Range 3.0m wide – with a choice of 2 different widths, both offering a superstrong box section frame with the same sorts of features found on elite European glasshouses - all in an economic fully automated package, aimed at bringing endless benefits to the largest possible gardening audience

    Don't want to go to the trouble and expense of laying a full concrete slab foundation or timber perimeter? No problem! The optional incredibly strong full box-section base plinth is designed for exactly this situation. With other 10mm greenhouses on the AU market, you will need to sit the greenhouse on a hardstanding foundation but this is not the case with a Windsor. We give you both options, either the low level threshold (provided) or the choice to upgrade to the full box-section aluminium base plinth with our exceptionally strong ground anchors. Where you are siting the Windsor greenhouse straight onto the ground, you would dig a hole under each anchor before filling the hole with rapid set concrete, easy!

    Built to satisfy the most demanding and discerning of gardeners - still the best, for those who want the very best!

  • Lifestyle Series

    Lifestyle Series

  • Grow Fresh Greenhouses -  Mini Greenhouses

    Mini Greenhouses


    Our 'Mini Grow' greenhouses are perfect for the gardener with limited yard space wanting to experience all year round growing. Perfect for a herb garden on your verandah, porch, in your courtyard or small backyard. Smartly designed with twin-wall polycarbonate panels, these mini greenhouse are also ideal for hardening off those precious seedlings or general propogation use. This range is available with removable seed trays or with sturdy aluminium shelves. Don't be limited by the space in your yard, start growing fresh today with a 'Mini Grow' greenhouse.

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