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Why have a greenhouse at my school/kindergarten?

When students step into a greenhouse, it is clear that the classroom walls have disappeared and the opportunities for investigating and learning have begun. Imagine a student planting a seed in your school's garden, and just days later seeing the first growth pushing up through the soil. Tending to new plants teaches children responsibility and teamwork. It provides an opportunity to bring various other subjects in the curriculum to life through hands-on learning. Vegetable gardens let children taste the wonders of fresh food. The new adventure gives the students, parents, and teachers a growing feeling of community. Here are just some of the many benefits of adding a garden to your school.

Teamwork & Responsibility

One of the biggest benefits for schools and kindergartens is that gardening teaches children responsibility and helps develop the students' confidence and pride as they display and share the fruits and vegetables they have grown themselves. Students learn responsibility with the importance of looking after their garden because if they don't water the plants, they will die. If they don't weed the garden it will become overgrown. Teamwork is essential for the school garden to be a success. Children pot the plants, water daily and pick the produce together. These opportunities to take responsibility and work with others can build students' self esteem, and watching their garden grow is the sign of their success.

Hands On Learning

We all know that some children do better with activities and subjects that allow them to be hands on. Gardens provide a wealth of opportunities for kids to get their hands dirty while learning lessons in many different areas of the curriculum. The students can experiment with water movement, pollination, nutrition, and explore the relationships between plants and insects. For many students, such hands-on learning experiences are vitally important and can contribute to greater success in the classroom.

Nutritional Education

A greenhouse garden gives your school all the benefits mentioned above, with the added reward of valuable nutrition lessons on the importance and joys of eating fresh foods. With such an alarming increase in childhood obesity and diabetes in the last decade, there has never been such a need for children to understand the importance of 'healthy eating'. A school or kindergarten garden lets you enrich your curriculum lessons while also providing an opportunity to teach nutrition when students sample their harvest. Children are much more likely to taste a vegetable they have grown, and vegetables always taste better straight from the garden.

How Can We Help?

Over the past few years we have worked with many schools and kindergartens across Australia offering expert advice on the most suitable set-up for your establishment. We have special discount schemes and incentives for schools and kindergartens, so please feel free to contact us with your
inquiry today.

The benefits of a greenhouse in the schoolyard are vast, so go and plant that seed!

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