Polycarbonate Panels- Grow-Fresh® offer sheets in a range of sizes, colours and thicknesses. Twin-wall polycarbonate has great thermal properties, is very strong, and can be used for greenhouse panel replacements or DIY projects. All of our polycarbonate is high quality 100% raw material and comes with a 10 year warranty against discoloration and degradation.

Polycarbonate H-Section Joiners- Adding polycarbonate to your framework is easier when using these special pieces to hold the panels in place. Our Grow-Fresh® joiners are made from a tough, sunlight resistant UVI polycarbonate, and are weatherproof and maintenance-free. The joiners are used to connect polycarbonate over various framing types.

Polycarbonate End Capping/Dust Strips- Use our Grow-Fresh® end caps on the top and bottom of our twin wall polycarbonate sheets to seal off the flutes. This keeps out dirt and insects. Also use our end caps on the outside edge of corner panels. Our Grow-Fresh® end caps are made from tough, sunlight resistant UVI polucarbonate and are weatherproof and maintenance-free.

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